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An irrepressible sense of fun is what sets Oasis Foods apart from other gourmet foods. Oasis Foods are special treats. They add zest to food and make you feel like something delicious happened today!

Never satisfied with the status quo, Beau Theriot, owner of the famous Oasis Restaurant overlooking Lake Travis in Austin, Texas, decided to create Oasis Foods. He turned to his long-time friend and business associate, Shirley Shaw, for help.

From her kitchen in Austin, Shirley cooked up new "sweet heat" recipes which became Oasis Foods, Inc.

First there were two salsas, (Picante Elegante and Picante Picoso), made with only the freshest ingredients, with no preservatives and no additives. These salsas are made without any added water--a process which produces "The essence of Salsa."

Next came the two thick and tangy Barbeque Sauces (Sweet N' Sassy and Bitin'). Again, these sauces are cooked without any added water which makes them much thicker and richer than most sauces available from the grocery store shelves.

Oasis Foods grew to include a wonderful whole grain, mesquite smoked mustard, which makes Dijon taste dull. Soon after came Jams and Jellies which have become some of Oasis Foods' best loved products. The two Jalapeno Jellies (Traditional Green Jalapeno and Ragin' Red) are best sellers.

The latest additions to Oasis Foods are the gourmet grilling sauces, all of which are fruit based blended with a source of heat, ranging from Jalapenos, to Chipotles to Habaneros, even to Horseradish. These gourmet sauces team wonderfully with meats and poultry and are great with cheeses.

Oasis Foods aims at adding zest and fun to gatherings of family and friends. With Oasis Foods, you can truly MAKE SOMETHING DELICIOUS HAPPEN TODAY!

We would love to hear from you. Let us know what you think about our site, our products and what we can do to make Oasis Foods better for you. For stores near you where Oasis Foods are sold, call Oasis Foods at 1-888-509-1863 or email us.

"Oasis Foods uses only the most delicious, flavorful ingredients for all fine products. They are sure to delight and please, and they are perfect for any occasion!"

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